1. We recommend marking hotels with our virtual tours on your web site by a green "eyelet" (o), our logo, because many users are already accustomed to this sign, so it is easy to find them (the logo is attached in appropriate archive.
  2. We recommend you to put a phrase "virtual tour" next to the green "eyelet" as an interface of panoramas displaying.
  3. To explain to the visitor of your resource how to manage viewing of panoramas in Standard mode, we suggest to put a phrase near the window of panorama: "Holding the mouse cursor on the image, you can turn it in any direction".
  4. We draw your special attention that all panoramas are available in Flash (swf) format in two sizes:
    ) [filename]_s.swf standard size of panorama's window;
    ) [filename]_f.swf full screen size of panorama's window;
    We recommend you to use a standard size window like a default mode, but also to foresee an option for full screen mode like a higher quality and more attractive mode.
  5. Please note some hotels and tour operators may block an access to some virtual tours.
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