Shalyapin Palace, 4*

Address: 420111 Kazan city, University street, 7
Phone: (843) 238-28-00. Fax: (843) 231-10-55
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Winter Garden

In 2009 the new supermodern hotel "the Grand Hotel Kazan" opened in the center of Kazan at the "Ring" as our inhabitants call this place...
This complex which joins two status hotels contains many comfortable rooms making it possible to accommodate over 500 people. Such close proximity of our hotels no doubt provides a great advantage to our guests. Nine conference halls are available to completely satisfy any of your business needs.
"Shalyapin Palace" is a restored architectural monument from the last century filled with all the mystery and grandeur of times past and embodying the greatest hospitality and comfort demanded by even the most exacting visitor. This hotel offers 123 comfortable classical-style rooms which still embrace modern materials and the national décor.