Hotel Medea, 3*

Address: Пятницкий пер. 4 стр.1
Phone: (+7 495) 232 4898. Fax: (+7 495) 232 4892
Web site: http://www.    E-mail:

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Public spaces

The interior of the Hotel Entrance and Reception areas has been designed and decorated with such materials like natural wood and marble, mosaic panels, handicraft hammer-works and original author’s drawings. This interior makes the hotel being really elegant and cozy, creates the comfortable conditions to have rest and work and that specific homelike atmosphere of privacy which is a definitive feature of small hotels (The hotel has just 21 room).
Hotel Reception has round-the-clock operation,
Reception staff members, fluent in English, adhere the highest standards of hospitality industry expected from the modern hotels and offer a wide range of services, paying a lot of attention to the safety and security of guests.